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After a test phase that started in 2018 with the initial installation of 1,000 modules, the MatiPay mobile payment and telemetry system is confirmed as the reference solution for the Coven Consortium, a leading operator in the vending sector made up of 14 companies distributed throughout the country.

In fact, the agreement between MatiPay and the consortium companies was concluded, which resulted in the supply of 10,000 MatiPay systems and the definition of specific conditions for an additional 10,000 pieces. Therefore, the number of MatiPay modules for vending machines that will be available to the members of the Consortium and placed under a hyper amortization regime increases, a tax benefit that for 2018 alone is expected to be several million euros. This resource will be reinvested by the consortium for the implementation of the technology and for the future development of advanced features of the Coven customized version of the MatiPay App.

In this way, the number of distributors currently being installed with MatiPay technology, which to date already involves more than half a million people, exceeds 40,000. At the very beginning of this year, the system was awarded in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show, the world’s most important consumer electronics fair, with the prestigious “Innovation Awards Honoree 2019” for its distinctive innovative character.

More and more people, through the MatiPay smartphone application, will therefore be able to buy coffee, offer snacks or transfer credit on a daily basis and very soon use the virtual wallet to purchase digital goods and services such as, for example, tickets for means of transport, shopping vouchers for online shops or telephone top-ups; all using the digitized cash with the vending machine, in addition to the classic credit cards.

Il Consorzio Coven sceglie MatiPay come soluzione di Pagamento Mobile e Telemetria

Matipay is a product that represents the state of the art in the vending sector. The agreement signed with Coven, combined with the prestigious award received, consolidates our leadership in the sector.

Matteo PertosaCEO of MatiPay

Coven's mission is to focus on the final consumer and their real needs, which must be met through specific targeted investments and innovative strategies. The agreement entered into with MatiPay is therefore a fundamental step in achieving our goals.

Massimo FerrariniPresident of Coven Consortium
Il Consorzio Coven sceglie MatiPay come soluzione di Pagamento Mobile e Telemetria


COVEN is a consortium founded in July 2014 by a group of medium-sized companies in the vending sector operating throughout the country.

The Consortium is now made up of 14 companies with a total turnover of approximately 230 million euros. COVEN members offer the refreshment break service to over one million end consumers every year, through 65,000 vending machines and 30,000 OCS (Office Coffee System) machines. In 2017, the number of drinks made by Consortium customers exceeded 500 million.