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Collect feedback from your customers!

What level of service do you offer to your consumers?
What do they think of the service offered?

Every day it becomes more and more important to know what the level of consumer satisfaction is to improve the offered service or products. Improving the level of listening to user’s needs can also increase the level of loyalty by reducing the drop-out of the service, increasing the user’s life cycle.

The right measurement method for every survey

With the support of the MatiPay Team you can activate surveys most suitable for your needs, evaluating the correct measurement method.


Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score

The advantages of Customer Satisfaction

Detect the degree of user satisfaction with the services offered

Strengthen the level of communication, dialogue and trust with users

Detect needs and expectations of different targets and user groups

Bring out the latent needs of users who are less inclined to express their point of view

Establish a direct relationship
by creating a virtuous circle of quality appreciation

Circle of information

In-app surveys!

It is possible to activate specific campaigns without interfering with the shopping experience by intercepting the right moment to collect feedback.


  • How do you rate the cleanliness of the place where the vending machines are located?
  • How do you rate your shopping experience?
  • How do you rate the ONLINE top-up process?
  • How do you rate the product offer on this vending machine?
  • How much would you recommend buying with the MatiPay app?
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