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MatiPay, the Italian Fintech Company part of the Angel Group, which, thanks to its mobile payment and telemetry system for automated retail, transforms unattended points of sale into intelligent points of sale, allowing the purchase of products in a simple way through apps and cashless devices and the optimization of operator management activities, continues the expansion to new markets.

Gruppo Pellegrini, founded in 1965 and today a leader in offering corporate services such as catering, welfare, automatic distribution, cleaning and integrated services, with over 600 restaurants, about 2,000 vending machines and a turnover of approximately € 650 million, has chosen MatiPay as a technological partner for telemetry and digital payment solutions.

From this partnership is born Pellegrini Key, a new app, which enjoys a series of new features. The app enables payments at all Pellegrini sales points: not only vending machines, but also manned and unmanned checkout points. With 2,500 total points of sale and about 40 million meals served per year, the Pellegrini Key app could become one of the most popular of the MatiPay apps in Italy!

With the start of the integration of the innovative system in all points of sale, including restaurants, MatiPay enters the strategic market of mass catering and cafeteria, giving a greater boost to its growth plan.

The agreement will allow Gruppo Pellegrini to create a single ecosystem of payments through all touch points, responding to the growing demand for digital cashless systems that allow, on the one hand, consumers to pay via smartphone and take advantage of promotions and discounts, on the other. operators to have constant and real-time remote control of the entire sales network.


Pellegrini S.p.A is a company founded in 1965 by Ernesto Pellegrini, today a leader in various service sectors, from catering to food supplies, from meal vouchers to corporate welfare, from automatic distribution to cleaning and integrated services.

Pellegrini is committed to ensuring that people can work with peace of mind and in well-being and has included sustainability among the fundamental elements of its proposals, which thus becomes the cornerstone of its action.

Headquartered in Milan, the Group has nearly 10,000 employees in Italy and around the world and revenues of approximately 650 million euros.