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How to manage additional contractual conditions without interventions on the vending machine

Friday Coffee: the second meeting!

Friday 24 July, second appointment of Friday Coffee with MatiPay!

The meeting, dedicated to the topic “How to manage additional contractual conditions without interventions on the vending machine”, was introduced by Giovanna Voltolina, General Manager of MatiPay.

The objective of the appointment is to offer concrete answers to a need expressed by vending operators, namely to make available a new and digital way to manage some specific contractual conditions during negotiations and commercial offers or, in a proactive manner, to manage the requests that sales managers of vending operators can propose to potential and/or current customers.

The main points of the second edition of Friday Coffee

Giovanna Voltolina responded to some of the most widespread requests, highlighting the competitive advantages of a digital solution.

The management of the contract with customers can, in fact, provide for special agreements such as, for example:
1. Free supply of water with billing to the customer (operational headquarters where the Vending Machines are present);
2. Delivery of meals, snacks at set times for some staff;
3. Delivery of hot drinks for special occasions;
4. Management of free products for external guests or visitors;
5. Management of the reimbursement of expenses for electricity and water service.

There are many other cases for which a digital solution, activated without direct intervention by the operator on the vending machines, can lead to an efficiency of operating costs while also reducing the operating time and effort.

In fact, our solution enables the manager to offer special conditions thanks to the use of a coupon code associated with all the benefits that the user can enjoy.

How does the "custom distribution" feature work?

The vending machine becomes the key in managing the custom distribution of products to consumers who purchase from the vending machines using the app.

Profiles are configured in base of specific needs, for which product distribution can be enabled in free or discount modes. With this mechanism it is possible to distribute any type of product: cold or hot drinks, snacks, PPE (Personal protective equipment) or even meals in canteens.

All this is possible thanks to the insertion, in the app, of a dedicated coupon code, generated by the vending operator.

The Web App offers full control and maximum flexibility for the delivery of products on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and for the selected delivery time slot.

Per conoscere i casi reali e avere maggiori informazioni sui casi reali condivisi durante l’incontro, scrivici.

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What are the benefits of the “custom distribution” feature?

Custom distribution allows the operator to obtain the following benefits:
Immediate activation
• Monitoring of consumption data in real time
• Consumption control to manage billing
• Report that can also be consulted by the company

It is no longer necessary to activate special configurations by physically interfering on the vending machine and consumption data can be managed in real time.

The manager will then be able to have a shared report with his customer where all the transactions related to the coupon code created will be reported.

During the meeting, Ilaria Chiarulli, Product Manager of MatiPay, showed how to configure a custom profile, highlighting its flexibility and speed of creation.

The “custom distribution” function allows you to filter the company population based on the location in which they operate and/or the specific needs of the role.

An example could be the free distribution of water only to employees who work in the headquarters of a company: thanks to the solution with coupon codes this is possible.

Friday Coffee Q&A

If I install your system in an environment that is also accessible to the public, how can I guarantee employees a different price list?

It is possible to propose a different price list for those who have a coupon code, for example by setting a “discount” profile that can be associated with certain vending machines.
Thanks to this method, it is possible to offer employees of a company discounted prices, different from those offered to non-regular users.

What is the difference between activating this mode and using the keys?

Compared to the key system, it is possible to remotely configure the promotion, changing the conditions in real time without any intervention on the machine.

Furthermore, it is also possible to define profiles with respect to purchasing habits.

Can I activate a profile without distributing the coupon code?

Yes, it is possible if the “custom distribution” has the same requirements for all people in the location where it is activated.

Does the profile have an expiration date?

The activation of the profile has a start date and an expiration date that can be renewed by extending the features of the service offered.

It is also possible, giving prior notice to users, to interrupt the service offered.

What are the degrees of configurability of the "custom distribution" system?

The platform is fully configurable and thanks to this peculiarity, the operator can enter the characteristics of the profile in the configuration mask, also choosing which requirements to set based on the type of bonus to be provided.

The operator can provide:
• Free distribution for any type of product;
• Distribution in discount mode.

The operator can select the time slots during which the user can use these benefits and define their possible accumulation.

It is also possible to export, directly from the Web App, the reports on the distribution, so to be able to manage the billing between the operator and the company. At the operator’s choice, it is possible to make the Web App available to its customers, allowing them to view reports in real time.

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