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Invite friends

Invite your friends and receive many benefits

Increase word of mouth by activating the “Invite friends” campaign to entice your most loyal customers to promote the use your services and invite new users.
Your customers will help you grow the number of registered and active users and will increase your revenues. What are you waiting for?
Invite friends

How does it work?

Registered users access the section INVITE FRIENDS from Homepage or from the side menu

There they discover their “Invite friends” code and can share it through their favorite messaging channels to the contacts in their address book

Users who receive the message will be able to insert, during registration, the code received and unlock the bonus associated with the invitation

The bonus will be received by the new registered user and by the user who sent the message!

The campaign tailored for you!

You can customize your “Invite friends” campaign by setting bonuses of these types:
credit that can be spent at<br />
automated points of sale

credit that can be spent at
automated points of sale

free drinks<br />
(hot drinks)

free drinks
(hot drinks)

Loyalty<br />


The duration of the initiative is custom, it is possible to activate it in special periods or to give an extra boost in conjunction with recurrences to stimulate word of mouth and make the campaign even more engaging.

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