Gain the loyalty of your customers

The business model of vending excludes a direct contact between an operator and a consumer. You don’t know if your client is happy with buying experience or have a specific need, if it is someone who buys from you regularly and what are his preferences. With Matipay you can know exactly all this – and moreover, anticipate and guide the buying intentions of your client, create promotions and rewards.


Advantages for vending operators

your customer


Promote in partnership
with your clients

new customers

Mutual advantages for you and your clients

STARS allows you to create loyalty initiatives to keep consumers happy and engaged

It is easy to set up promotions and tune them in base of your needs, for example, for product or for time frame.

By participating in loyalty program consumers get more committed and tend to purchase more products more often.

Even more benefits with Gold Stars

Configure the number
of “stars” received for purchases

the loyalty reward

Personalize promotions
for user clusters

flash promotions

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