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MatiPay approaches the US Market: the IoT solution turning Vending Machines into smart E-Commerce Points exhibits at NAMA show for the first time

MatiPay, the mobile payment and telemetry system for vending, debuts at NAMA Show after being awarded at CES 2019 Innovation Awards in Las Vegas

April 24, 2019 Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) – MatiPay, the Mobile Payment & Telemetry System for Vending (Angel Group), is exhibiting for the first time at NAMA Show, the most important vending fair in the US market.

Including a telemetry module, an end-user mobile app and a dedicated back-end dashboard, MatiPay is the easy and plug-and-play solution, which can be installed on every kind of vending machine in just a few minutes, bringing many advantages to vending companies in terms of operational efficiency, as they allow machine remote configuration and control, while optimizing refill activities. At the same time, the system consents vending companies to interact directly with end users via a dedicated customer support, resulting in improved communication and service.

Innovative customer engagement features, as personalized promotions and the new social functionality, introduce in the vending industry loyalty logics which until this moment were typical of the retail business, while reinterpreting the social nature of a coffee break in a new 4.0 version.

Thanks to its innovative functionalities, MatiPay has been prized at CES 2019 Innovation Awards in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year.

One of the features mainly appreciated by CES jury is the virtual wallet, which is rechargeable via Credit Cards, PayPal and many other virtual payment methods, but also via cash, using the coin dispenser available on every vending machine. The wallet, also enabled for e-commerce, can be used for the purchase coffee, snacks, but also other physical and digital goods and services such as transportation tickets, mobile top-ups and online vouchers.

Considering that only in USA more than 30% of the population do not own a credit card, MatiPay thus becomes a democratic system, allowing 24h access to digital and physical goods to everybody, being available in a large variety of locations, both private and public, with more than 500,000 consumers already involved.

Starting from April 24th 2:30 pm PDT at the booth 1672 the MatiPay team will be more than excited to show the innovative instant mobile payment solution for vending machines and the integrated connectivity features, such as the remote diagnosis with business reports and in-app promotions tools.

MatiPay partecipa al NAMA Show 2019
Event NameNAMA Show 2019
Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109, US
FromApril 24, 2019
ToApril 26, 2019
Booth1672 MatiPay

About NAMA Show

NAMA Show is organized by NAMA association that represents $25 billion U.S. convenience services industry, delivers opportunity and education in convenience services for operators and professionals in vending, coffee services, foodservice, micro markets and pantry. NAMA Show than is one of the most important events in the Automatic Vending sector in USA. For further information visit

About MatiPay

MatiPay è una startup fintech appartenente al gruppo Angel, holding italiana leader mondiale nei mercati Railway, Aerospazio e Aeronautica, che ha sviluppato un innovativo sistema di pagamento mobile e telemetria per il vending. MatiPay trasforma i distributori automatici in punti vendita intelligenti, consentendo l’acquisto di prodotti in maniera semplice e veloce tramite app e l’ottimizzazione efficiente delle attività di gestione degli operatori. Disponibile per iOS e Android, l’app MatiPay garantisce un’esperienza utente completa grazie alla combinazione di una connessione immediata tra i distributori automatici e l’App mobile con il borsellino virtuale ricaricabile, tramite contanti, carta di credito o PayPal. Il sistema può essere facilmente integrato a distributori automatici pronti da installare o già in uso. Inoltre, grazie all’utilizzo di una piattaforma intelligente ed un gestionale dedicato, è in grado di potenziare le caratteristiche di telemetria in tempo reale a supporto dei Gestori che operano nell’industria delle Vending Machine.