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Las Vegas, January 7, 2019 – The IoT division of the Angel Group, led by Matteo Pertosa, is awarded for the second consecutive year in Las Vegas and receives the “CES Innovation Award 2019” for MatiPay, the mobile payment and telemetry solution for vending that transforms vending machines into intelligent points of sale capable of delivering different types of goods and services in a multi-channel perspective.

MatiPay is being installed on over 40,000 vending machines and already involves more than half a million people who buy coffee, offer snacks or transfer credit every day through the application.

Thanks to the presence of the telemetry module that can be installed in a few minutes, the app for the end user and the dedicated management suite, MatiPay is able to offer exclusive functions for the benefit of the various operators in the vending chain, putting them in direct communication with the end user in order to build loyalty and improve the service, thus creating added value for all the players involved.

One of the features highlighted by the CES jury is the “digital wallet”: it is possible to top up the credit of the application with credit cards, but also with cash, using coin changers and banknote readers already commonly in use on vending machines . The “recharged” credit can be used not only for the purchase of coffee and snacks, but also for digital goods and services, such as transport tickets, telephone top-ups or shopping vouchers for online stores.

In Italy there are only 13 million active credit cards (source: Bank of Italy), it is therefore easy to imagine the difficulty of purchasing goods and services online in the absence of classic electronic payment instruments and the demand that this solution intercepts. To access these services, simply ask the vending manager to install the award-winning system.

It should be noted that the vending machines that install the MatiPay solution make the entire asset, if purchased during the current year, accessible to the tax concessions provided for with the Industry 4.0 plan, confirmed at 270% for investments up to 2.5 million in 2019.

With this second prize, the division led by Matteo Pertosa confirms its ability to bring “disruptive” and internationally recognized innovation in the sectors in which it operates.

MatiPay Premiata al CES 2019 di Las Vegas

About CES – Consumer Electronic Show –

The products selected within this international competition are evaluated by a jury of highly accredited professionals that includes industrial designers, engineers and sector communication specialists. The CES Innovation Awards is promoted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which since 1976 recognizes the most innovative new products and technological services in terms of design, engineering, engineering and user experience. The CTA is also the organizer of the CES 2019 event, to date the most important event in the world for companies operating in the field of consumer electronics.