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MatiPay: the first time at Vending Paris for the IoT solution that transforms vending machines into intelligent points of sale and socialization

MatiPay, the mobile payment and telemetry system for vending machines, enters the French market after being awarded at the CES 2019 Innovation Awards in Las Vegas and after an important agreement recently concluded in Italy.

1 April 2019, Paris – The theme of well-being at work, on which Vending Paris will focus this year, is the right setting to present MatiPay to the French market, as its complete solution has been designed with the purpose of optimizing management activities of Vending Machine Operators and improving the User Experience through an intuitive and engaging Smartphone App.

Designed by the Angel Group’s IoT division, MatiPay has been installed on over 40,000 vending machines and already involves over 500,000 consumers, who can use their smartphone to have a coffee, offer snacks via app and transfer credit to their friends.

Thanks to the telemetry module, that can be easily installed in few minutes, a mobile app for the end user and a dedicated back-office platform, MatiPay offers Operators exclusive features to reduce management costs and optimize sales. Furthermore, it allows them to communicate directly with end users in order to retain them and improve the quality of the service as a result.

MatiPay is also the only Vending product awarded this year during the most important consumer electronics fair at an international level with the prestigious Honoree of the CES 2019 Innovation Awards in Las Vegas, appreciated for being an innovative mobile payment solution and telemetry, which converts vending machines into intelligent points of sale and a supply of various types of goods and services, in a multichannel perspective.

One of the features that attracted the CES jury most is the virtual wallet: it allows you to top up the app via credit cards or other major digital payment systems, including PayPal, and also in cash, using coin changers and banknote readers, already in use on vending machines. The credit can then be used to grab a coffee or snack and to purchase digital goods and services such as transport tickets, phone top-ups and coupons for online stores.

In this way, MatiPay technology meets the requirements of all users who for some reason cannot purchase products and services online and creates added value for all parties involved in the distribution process.

To access these services, operators and companies only need to install the MatiPay system on their vending machines: and this is what the Coven Consortium did at the end of 2018. Among the main operators in the Italian Vending sector with its 14 companies – including Serim, Illyria Group and Methodo – spread throughout the country, Coven chose the MatiPay system and signed an agreement that implements the supply of 10,000 systems (with specific conditions for an additional 10,000 systems) and the release of a custom app, which is an additional and proven ability of MatiPay.

MatiPay presente a Vending Paris 2019

MatiPay represents the state of the art of Technology in the Vending Industry. The contract signed with Coven and the prestigious award at CES 2019 strengthen our leadership in the technology and supply of payment systems sector.

Matteo PertosaCEO of MatiPay

Coven's mission is to put end users first and to meet their needs through targeted investments and innovative strategies. The agreement concluded with MatiPay is, therefore, an essential step towards achieving our goals.

Massimo FerrariniPresident of Coven Consortium

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Vending Paris 2019
Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France
FromApril 02, 2019
ToApril 04, 2019
StandE67 SITAEL – MatiPay