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MatiPay continues to expands its borders and joins the EVA, the European Vending Association.

“This important membership gives us a further impulse towards our path of growth and internationalization. The expansion towards foreign markets involves us more and more as well as the opportunity to offer new services for the vending industry. The synergic collaboration, which we expect to carry on with the EVA, will give us the opportunity to be more and more at the forefront to meet the needs of the market and to continue our path of innovation and transformation of the sector. The automated retail offers great opportunities for innovation and it is possible to catch them with MatiPay, the automated retail field can bring profits thanks to the goods’ and additional services’ sale” – said Matteo Pertosa, CEO of MatiPay. “The EVA is an European point of reference for the vending industry and we are really excited to be part of it”.

MatiPay is the Italian finetech company, belonging to Angel Company, that transforms automated, manned or unmanned, sales points into connected and intelligent ones thanks to its innovative mobile payment and telemetry systems for the automatic retail. The activities of efficiency and optimization of operators’ management activities are put into practice with the help of telemetric measurements and, thanks to the dedicated consumer app and contactless devices, users are able to purchase at points of sale using the virtual wallet rechargeable with money, bills and electronic money.

The purchase of goods and services becomes simple, fast and also convenient.

Erwin Wetzel, General Director of the EVA, welcomed with pleasure MatiPay within the Association and said: “We have known Matipay for some years now as they were a previous sponsor of our EVEX event in Rome, and so I am thrilled that the company has now joined the EVA and can now benefit from our full range of services as well as our European-wide industry knowledge and insights. Seamless and convenient payment solutions at vending machines is something consumers have come to expect – particularly so over recent years – and with new trends such as smart fridges taking off for operators across Europe, it appears that Matipay seems well prepared to capitalise on these trends with their various solutions.”

The EVA is the pan-European Association for the coffee service and the vending industry. Point of reference for members and stakeholders in the gathering of standards and data related to the field, the EVA is a not-for-profit trade international Association founded in 1994 and governed by the laws of Belgium.

Today it represents the interests of the whole European coffee service and vending industry vis-à-vis the European Union Institutions and other relevant authorities or bodies; in fact, it includes Nation Association and companies.