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MatiPay presents in Venditalia 2022 the latest innovations in IoT systems that transform vending machines into intelligent sales points

MatiPay, the fintech company, manufacturer of payment and telemetry systems for automated retail, presents its major innovations at the most important trade fair “Venditalia 2022“, the long-awaited appointment in the automatic distribution sector

Aprile 2022, Bari – The thrills of reuniting with historical customers and friends and the honor of presenting the work results of two challenging years have never been so intense. The MatiPay team invites everyone to visit their stand at the Venditalia fair which will be held in Fieramilanocity from 11 to 14 May 2022.

The topics of innovation and optimization have been among the most important during the last months and years of work. They have led MatiPay to evolve, following market demands and anticipating trends, and to develop a range of high-tech products. All products and components, both hardware and software, are made entirely in house and enjoy important contributions from teams of engineers, developers, UX and UI designers.

Among the biggest innovations is the Meta system, the payment and telemetry system that enables payments with apps and cashless devices such as cards, key rings, employee badges, suitable for all situations (even where the use of the smartphone is not allowed). The Meta system, thanks to credit in the cloud and not on physical support, makes operations with NFC devices safer.

Together with Motus, the cashless payment system with mobile app, it is part of the range of “payment system” products with integrated on-board telemetry, which allow real-time management of the entire fleet.

Among the strengths of the Meta product there is also the possibility of pairing the cashless device with the MatiPay app in order to increase the level of knowledge of the final consumer by activating all the promotional dynamics available in the app as well as customizing the prices for users who buy with cards or other compatible gadgets. Thanks to the MatiPay systems it is also possible to manage welfare policies, offering a defined public free products, discounts or other benefits – all on remote.

The other novelty that we will present is the smart fridge, a product intended to expand the range of products and services of vending operators and also to revolutionize the masscatering sector.

The smart fridge is an opportunity to increase margins and turnover, the constraints of size of the products are removed to expand the range of products offered. Ready meals of the highest quality even with a short shelf life: this also increases the perceived quality of the products by the consumer.

MatiPay, the fintech of the Angel Group, transforms automated, manned or unmanned sales points into connected and intelligent ones, offering consumers the opportunity to buy products using a mobile app that enables purchases thanks to a virtual wallet, rechargable with cash, credit cards, PayPal, meal vouchers, or with NFC devices (employee badges, key rings, cards) which can also be recharged with different options; operators to optimize the management of the network of points of sale such as vending machines of different types, smart fridges and more. The system, thanks to telemetry, allows you to receive sales in real-time from each individual vending machine, start marketing campaigns and remotely monitor the operation of the machine fleet. MatiPay is present in Italy and in the 10 European countries with over 59,000 connected points of sale and a community that has exceeded 750,000 consumers.

Event details

Event Name
Venditalia 2022
Fieramilanocity, Milan, Italy
FromMay 11, 2022
ToMay 14, 2022
BoothPad. 4, Booth C63 D68