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The smart solution for coffee breaks and automatic distribution of protection masks

Milan, May 5, 2020 – MatiPay, Fintech Company financed by Neva Finventures, an Intesa Sanpaolo company, launches “TAKE 5”, a new app feature for social distancing that efficiently manages access to vending machines, avoiding any kind of gathering.

With the start of phase 2 of the Coronavirus emergency, 4.5 million Italians have returned to their workplaces after months of lockdown and smart working. This return demand companies to apply new rules aimed at guaranteeing workers’ safety and health by increasing hygiene levels, minimum space between desks and specific protocols for the use of common spaces.

In Italy, the first European country for the number of vending machines installed – over 822 thousand, of which more than 60% located in public and private professional environments (Source: MatiPay Studies Center on Confida and Statista data) – the topic of management of areas where the vending machines are located, becomes an urgent one.

Through TAKE 5, MatiPay thus meets the needs of workers and employers, offering to users the opportunity to quickly book their break at the distributor via app and to companies to adapt to INAIL provisions, while guaranteeing safety and catering services. The booking and shift management system is based on the ability to remotely check the number of people in the vicinity of the vending machine on your smartphone, which can be automatically disabled in the event of excessive and prolonged gatherings.

The new feature will also offer the possibility to set up, without organizational effort, the distribution of masks, disinfectant gels and other personal protective equipment, necessary in the most crowded work environments.

The widespread use of vending machines is a unique resource, which the country should also take into consideration for the immediate and widespread distribution of masks and other protective devices. The vending machines are present in all companies and we at MatiPay wanted to give our contribution, free of charge to all our customers, to be able to continue using them with serenity.

Matteo PertosaCEO of MatiPay
TAKE 5, la funzionalità dell’app MatiPay per la fase post-COVID19 in sicurezza
TAKE 5, la funzionalità dell’app MatiPay per la fase post-COVID19 in sicurezza
TAKE 5, la funzionalità dell’app MatiPay per la fase post-COVID19 in sicurezza

How TAKE5 works

After having launched the MatiPay app, to book your time at the vending machine:

  • Through the TAKE 5 feature present in Homepage and in the Services section, access the personalized calendar with an indication of the days and time slots available.
  • Select the refreshment area of ​​the company, where you want to take a break or collect the protective device (ex., the mask).
  • Select the day and time slot, with the possibility of activating a recurring reservation at a given time and / or reminder notifications.
  • Confirm your booking with a tap, checking how many people are present.
  • Go to the vending machine, choose and pick up the product to be consumed or the mask, bringing your smartphone with the MatiPay app to the vending machine.
  • Enjoy your break in full security.

TAKE 5 will also allow operators to manage daily, remotely and in collaboration with companies, the vending machines in various dining places (time adjustment, maximum number of people allowed for breaks), to notify employees of social responsibility messages (good rules of coexistence and hygiene).