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MatiPay wrote a new page of vending at Venditalia 2024 and was among the leading companies with many innovations that promise to transform the industry.

All the news of MatiPay at Venditalia 2024

Venditalia is the most important and awaited event by all the vending players. The 2024 edition has brought a breath of newness to the field and MatiPay was one of the main players.

MatiPay shared many novelties during the exhibition and visitors arrived to the stand appreciate all the proposals in real time.

Relive the MatiPay experience at Venditalia

Innovation and dynamism accompanied the MatiPay experience during the exhibition and are the result of a daily evolutionary process that nevers stops. The goal is to offer customers useful and reliable solutions for the efficiency of operational processes, according to the needs of an increasingly demanding and dynamic market.

MatiPay's solution offering grows, presenting the Master Executive/MDB versions of MatiPay systems at Venditalia

MatiPay formalised the release of Meta and Meta-CC Master Executive/MDB version systems at Venditalia, which were already presented last year and are produced in-house and compatible with the Executive, MDB and EVA-DTS standards.

MatiPay Systems enable purchases with in-app integrated virtual wallet, contactless devices (NFC cards, tags and company badges) and credit cards, and are also available in MDB slave version.

The offer is completed and guarantees:

  • Monitoring of sales data, alarms and events in real-time
  • The mobile app with the best rating on the market and the highest number of downloads
  • Management of peripheral devices (cash changers, bill readers, coin selectors, …) and other payment systems
  • Management of prices tables and over 300 price lines
  • Quick and easy audit detenction, without additional costs
  • Full integration with your management system
  • Easier installation configuration
  • Operational efficiency, reduced installation costs without loss of features, increased turnover

Micromarket: offer yuor consumers an innovating purchasing experience

The MatiPay ecosystem integrates and interacts with a mix of tools: vending machines, open-access shelves, smart fridge and self-service checkout point.

The checkout point is at the centre of the experience. The consumer browses the catalogue of available products and chooses the ones to purchase and take directly from the shelf by scanning the barcode. At the end of the purchasing experience, the consumer can pay via MatiPay App or credit card and can download the purchase receipt.

The smart fridge expands the business offer and increases margins by providing a complementary service to the vending offer. The service is available 24/7 and designed to accommodate ready-to-eat and premium quality meals. Business contexts such as companies far away from central areas, gyms, schools where employees work shifts represent the ideal location.

In addition, to facilitate the operation of the management, MatiPay has created a network of Food Partners, certified meal providers who can take care of daily operations on behalf of the vending operator.

Gift Card and E-commerce: a world of in-app payment services

Gift Card

The service provides Gift Card to consumers in app e offers products and services such as petrol, shopping and travel vouchers, consumer electronics and more that can be spent in the stores of more than 100 brands.

The vending operator independently decides the amount of commission to be collected for each Gift Card.


An interesting opportunity to grow your business beyond the boundaries of vending. The vending operator enables purchases from the product catalogue by setting up his own in-app e-commerce and reaches consumers by offering a new service. The app is the tool that ‘showcases’ the products in the online shop and increases the visibility of the business.

Discover the payment services