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Meta System

Payments via app, NFC cards, NFC devices and company badges with all the advantages of the MatiPay telemetry and marketing systems.

Cashless payments, even where the use of smartphones is not allowed.

MatiPay Meta allows a double purchase method with the same payment module: with the consumer app and with NFC devices. Bring the same security and knowledge of customers of app payments to contactless payments.

Payments with NFC devices, app or both.

Enable purchases with both app and NFC devices with a single payment system.

  • Offer digital payments even without a smartphone
  • Pair an NFC device with the app to enjoy all the benefits of the app and share credit
  • Manage on remote custom prices for purchases with NFC devices, with the app and with cash
  • Use a payment device provided by MatiPay, or reuse existing NFC devices (e.g. employee badge)

Create a direct contact with your customer.

Digital wallet in the app for credit always at hand and many features for a smart break.

  • In-app digital wallet, topped up with cash, credit card or PayPal, motivates users to purchase
  •  Offer different prices for regular customers who buy with the app and for occasional purchases in cash
  •  Engage customers with promotional activities and loyalty initiatives
  • Analyze purchasing behavior and stay in touch with your customers
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All telemetry and marketing features at your service.

Meta integrates with the MatiPay telemetry module and the consumer app, allowing you to digitize and manage your unattended automated points of sale.


  • Real time sales
  • Remote price management
  • Stock management


  • Discounts and promo
  • Loyalty program
  • Customer satisfaction


  • Payment with the app or NFC devices
  • Different top-up methods
  • Fast and secure transactions

Payment Services

  • Your E-commerce in App
  • Gift Cards & Welfare
  • PagoPA notices and bulletins

Simplify the installation configuration of your sales points.

With Meta enable purchases with the mobile app and contactless devices, and manage other payment devices thanks to compatibility with EXE/MDB protocols.

Master EXE/MDB Version

In addition to the features of the Slave version, it is able to guarantee the management of peripherals (cash changers, bill readers, coin selectors, …) and other payment systems, thanks to compatibility with Executive/MDB protocols.

Slave Version

Enables users to buy from sales points thanks to the use of NFC devices and mobile app, allowing the operator to know the purchasing behavior. It guarantees the detection of all sales and diagnostic data from the machines.

Technical Specifications

Payment devices

Consumer app

NFC devices with chips:

  • MIFARE Mini
  • MIFARE Classic
  • MIFARE Plus EV1 1K
  • MIFARE Plus
  • MIFARE DESFire EV1 256B
  • MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2 2K 4K 8K
  • LEGIC prime/advant
Supported protocols

Multi-Drop Bus/Internal Communications Protocol (MDB/ICP)
EVA Data Transfer Standard (DTS)
Price change via DDCMP


2G via GSM/GPRS modem
SIM card and connectivity included

External module

Height 105mm
Length 84mm
Depth 19mm

Power supply 5Vdc
LI-ION backup battery in case of power failure

Internal module

Height 140mm
Length 100mm
Depth 22mm

24V continuous power supply
LI-ION backup battery in case of power failure

Mounting accessories

Connection cable of internal-external module
Cable MatiPay MDB – EVA-DTS – power supply
Antenna GSM/GPRS