An app for your perfect break

The app MatiPay is a fast, simple and secure way to pay purchases at a vending machine. The app is a meeting point between innovation and a routine break at a machine. Thanks to the app users are able to buy their favourite products, but also discover detailed product information, receive promotions and special offers and collect points to have an increasingly convenient break.
The Matipay app is developed and maintained entirely by the MatiPay team and is always ready to respond with new features and customizations to the needs of the market and companies.

Immediate registration
with phone number or Facebook

Instant connection
with a tap or with Bluetooth

Pay with the app
& top up with cash, credit card or PayPal

Select a product,
your credit is updated in real time

Transfer credit
to your friends

Book your break
in advance

Enjoy discounts and
personalized promotions

Dedicated Customer Service
for assistance and product request

More than 600,000 app downloads from the stores
empowering more than 60,000 distributors

  • (Italiano) StarStarStarStarStar
    Avevo sentito parlare di questa app da alcuni amici che la utilizzano quotidianamente e devo dire che dopo averla installata sono d'accordo con il loro giudizio. App molto intuitiva, comoda e versatile. Eccellente il wallet ricaricabile direttamente dal distributore automatico. Avanti così!

    Donato Di Pierro
    Donato Di Pierro Recensione App MatiPay
  • (Italiano) StarStarStarStarStar
    Ottima app, immediata e semplice da utilizzare. Ottimo servizio in quanto anche dopo avermi scalato erroneamente del credito è subito stato restituito!

    Tiziano Recensione App Coven
  • (Italiano) StarStarStarStarStar
    È troppo facile da usare, dovete complicarla 🙂 a parte gli scherzi, zero difficoltà di utilizzo anche nelle operazioni di ricarica con carte. Bravi.

    Carlo Panico
    Carlo Panico Recensione App Argenta

New MatiPay functions


Loyalty program


  • Know your customer
  • Stimulate purchases
  • Analyse purchase behaviour
  • Promote in partnership with your clients
  • Attract new consumers


  • Set up the loyalty Stars in few clicks
  • Get more customizable configurations with Gold Stars


A solution to manage the flow of consumers and ensure social distancing

How does it work

  • Select area and time slot
  • Book your break
  • Pay with your smartphone
  • Consume in safety


  • The customizible break duration and the maximum consumer number at a time
  • Bonus in case a user respects their booking

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