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The best payment experience in the automated retail market.

Offer consumers the payment methods they prefer: credit card, PayPal and even cash – all in a digital wallet or NFC device.

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Just a "tap" to buy from all your vending machines.

Paying has never been easier. By placing the phone, or any of the NFC payment devices, on the payment module, your customer can purchase products by paying directly from their virtual wallet.

NFC Card MatiPay
User’s phone
NFC tags inside bracelets and key rings
Corporate badge

One wallet, many top-up methods.

The digital wallet can be recharged with cash, coins and banknotes, with credit cards and PayPal. You can use MatiPay in any context, because your customers will always have their favorite top-up tool available.

Top up with coins and banknotes
Top up with credit card
Top up with PayPal

Cashless payments for all your automated machines

Make your operations more efficient with digital top-ups of the virtual wallet: manage less cash, increase the security of transactions and collect top-ups immediately on your account.

Automated top-up flow synchronized with your bank account
Advantageous money management fees for MatiPay customers
Speed and safety of operations