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Telemetry and payment system enabled for mobile app and NFC devices


Telemetry and payment system enabled for mobile app


Telemetry only system

Machine management

Customer, VM and device database management 1

Sales in real time 2

Remote price change 3

Alarms and events 4

VM management 1 2 3 4 integrated with ERP

Matipay - anti fraud detection

Reverse vending

Reverse vending machine management


Enabling mobile payment - wallet

Enabling NFC payment

Registration and enabling of NFC devices

Custom price setting for NFC devices

NFC devices auto registration by end user

App functions

Management of data of app's users

Management of app user reports

Sending notifications and refunds to app users

Free vends and discounts to app users

Take5 - reservation of a break slot in app

Customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction reporting

Micro-credit transfer between users

Invite a friend

Association of a NFC device to app

Loyalty Program

MatiPay basic points and rewards catalogue

Custom points and rewards catalogue

Promotions in app

First recharge and happy birthday

Online recharge


Periodic distribution

PPE management

Management of bonuses and planned/recurring discounts

To be informed

MatiPay News


Support and services

After-sales support (annual hours per customer)

Extra after-sales support (quotation in man-hours)

User customer service

Reporting (quotation in man-hours)

Promo setting support (quotation in man-hours)

NFC Card (including activation)

NFC Tag (including activation)

Activation only of an NFC device