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Reverse Vending

Your Eco-Friendly Break With MatiPay

Today sustainability is an essential value, there are numerous initiatives that involve final consumers, companies and the entire production chain. To safeguard our planet, in favor of future generations, it is necessary to introduce all possible actions in all operational contexts. In recent years, the automated distribution sector has also adopted solutions in favor of environmental and sustainability policies.

Motivate users by combining cashback with Loyalty Stars

Activate promotions

Set up the cashback amount for a single sales point

How does it work?

Reverse Vending Machines are intelligent vending machines that accept empty plastic bottles and return money to the user by applying a reverse mechanism to a typical sales cycle. These machines allow you to sort and recycle used beverage containers, helping to limit waste and protect the environment.
The payment modules are able to recognize user purchases by assigning a number of shredding that can be converted into “cashback”. The modules, installed on the reverse vending machines, provide a “cashback” amount that rewards and encourages the user, who purchases with an app or NFC gadget, to repeat the action. A virtuous circle that rewards the user and helps to lend a hand to the environment.

The Advantages Of Reverse Vending Machines

Motivate users for repeated use by offering a small reward

Makes recycling convenient and straightforward

Promote responsible behavior

Convey an image of a responsible and environmentally friendly brand

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