Life after the lockdown

Daily habits will undergo profound changes. People in all public locations will be highly conscious of preventive measures. Schools, hospital, public institutions, offices will be responsible and motivated to ensure safety and security. Reopening phase will be regulated by laws that prevent public gatherings in common areas and on workplace.


Quick activation
for operators

Configure the time slot
based on your needs

Configure the maximum number
of consumers per location

Analyze the time slots and
distribute the flow of consumers

Reward users who respect
the reserved slots

User sees only free
and bookable slots

User can receive a
booking reminder

User can cancel
the reservation

More Advantages than you can imagine

Matipay provides a fully customized solution, that can be tuned depending on desired break duration and maximum users at a time.

Loyalty program offers means of encouraging customers to attend break areas in less busy hours.

App and telemetry can be used to manage and control distribution of personal protective equipment.

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