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Monitor and manage your fleet on remote.

Change prices, monitor sales in real time, receive malfunction alerts and much more. With MatiPay telemetry you have a total control over your machines, wherever you are.

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Change the configuration of your machines.

MatiPay is compatible with most of the common models of vending machines and payment systems, allowing you to update prices and configurations from remote.

Operation settings
Free vends and discounts management
Price Management

Track sales.

MatiPay collects and transmits data in real time on all products sold and methods of purchase, whether they are cash, proprietary keys, apps and other cashless MDBs.

Sales in real time
Immediate data transfer to ERP
Product availability tracking
Reports on sales and free vends

Prevent and fix malfunctions.

Thanks to the integration with the entire system of the vending machine, the machine itself will notify you when something is not working, allowing you to plan the most suitable maintenance activity.

Status of operation
Alarms and events in real time

Add value to the tools you already use.

Both of MatiPay's module and vending machine management software are compatible with the most popular vending machines on the market and supports a wide variety of payment and management devices.

Vending machines
Master payment systems
Managements suites